Feel Better So You Can Do Better

ASCEND is the only membership platform offering continuous support for high performers to achieve greater well-being while supercharging their careers

Feel Better So You Can Do Better

ASCEND is the only membership platform offering continuous support for high performers to achieve greater well-being while supercharging their careers

September Masterclass:

September Masterclass: Strategies For Recharging Yourself & Avoiding Burnout

Strategies For Recharging Yourself & Avoiding Burnout

Join this special 60-minute interactive session to learn powerful research-backed tools to give you more energy, clarity and balance when you need it most.

You’ll learn techniques from Stanford Neuroscientists, Top Leaders, Navy Seals, and Japanese Samurai to help you:

Two Options To Attend Live:

Thursday, September 7
@ 12:30pm PT

Friday, September 8
@ 12:30pm PT

* YES, you’ll get immediate access to the recording

Space is limited, and we plan to tailor the session based on your responses, so please take 3 min to fill out our quick application.

Bonus sessions Included:

Live Coaching & Q&A

We’ll answer your questions and coach you in real-time to unblock any challenges you’re having and give you additional tools, tips, and tactics for increasing your energy and improving your well-being.

Dates: 9/13 and 9/15

Restore & Recharge

Our resident breathwork, energy, and vitality expert Kara Looney will guide you through an interactive session that will have you feeling calmer and more recharged as you head back into your day.

Dates: 9/20 and 9/22

Samurai Secrets

Samurai Masters Riichi and Masashi will guide you through a potent process for awakening huge amounts of physical energy in your body. Learn daily routines and mindset shifts.

Dates: 9/26 and 9/29

What People Say:

Meet Your Hosts

Todd Jason

has helped devise programs over the last 20 years that have reached over 10 million people, working with some of the biggest teachers in the world, including Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra and many others. His work has been featured on CNBC, VH1 and in the New York Times.

Lauren Weinstein

is an executive coach known for her expertise in powerful communication and life transformation. She taught one of the most popular courses at Stanford Business School, has coached leaders from top companies, and her TEDTalk “Don’t Believe Everything You Think” on unlocking your true potential is now approaching 3 million views.


Yes, we work with a variety of organizations. If you are interested in learning more please email partners@ascendmembers.com

October ‘23: Becoming a Master at Handling Challenging Conversations

November ‘23:  Amplifying Charisma, Rapport and Your Connection with Others

December ‘23:  Creating the Best Year of Your Life in 2024

**Each month we’ll run a Masterclass, do a live Q&A, and then bring in experts to provide add’l perspectives on the topic, providing you with four coaching sessions per month for $99.

ASCEND is a membership platform being offered at $99/mo or $249/qtr. You can register for our September masterclass + get access to the 3 additional coaching sessions for $99 and continue monthly if you feel inspired.
The easiest answer is to read the testimonials above!  We have a combined 30+ years of experience in executive coaching and program development, and we’re offering our best tools, practices and perspectives streamlined into a format that empowers you to receive world-class coaching in an extremely efficient way. If you’d like to experience more physical energy, higher levels of clarity, and proven tools to help you communicate and work more efficiently, apply now!
Our coaching sessions are typically 45-60 minutes long, and there is one per week.  There are no homework assignments, just recommendations that you can use in your everyday life. Our platform has loads of additional resources if you want to explore more deeply in a variety of areas, and we have expert coaches who may contribute other kinds of support.
Click here or email partners@ascendmembers.com to send us a quick note and we’ll get right back to you.

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